Ethics & Compliance

We commit to sustaining the highest ethical standards.

All business transactions will be conducted by Lavicas in a proper, fair, equitable, and ethical manner, with no appearance of a conflict. And we seek clients and partners who share the same point of view with our code of business ethics.

Our company places a high priority on integrity and moral behavior in business that is established on the values and principles of our organisation. All of our workers receive a copy of the Code of Business Ethics so that they can conduct themselves morally both on the job and while dealing with customers, partners, and suppliers. In order to comply with the Code of Business Ethics, all of them should not allow or tolerate any indications of unethical behavior.

The principles mentioned in the Code of Business Ethics are fundamental to how we conduct business and are directly in line with the values we respect, such as integrity, safety, sociability, transparency, and social responsibility.

The Code of Business Ethics that has been adopted by our director contains general information and practical guidance to assist our colleagues and partners in recognizing and resolving ethical and compliance issues that might arise in the course of their daily work. We encourage our staff members to report any alleged violations of the company’s Code of Business Ethics by sending an email to

Download here for our Code of Business Ethics

Code of Business Ethics