Skid Design Engineering

Skid Design Engineering provides comprehensive design services including Process, Piping, Mechanical, Structural, and E&I taking into consideration the schedule, budget, space optimization, and safety as our guiding principles.

Services We Offer

  • Multi-discipline 3D CAD modeling of skid package design
  • Generation of skid orthographic drawings
  • E&I skid engineering and arrangement (cable tray, junction box, small bore, containment, etc.)
  • Generation of isometric construction drawings
  • Generation of structural frame fabrication drawings
  • Bill of materials report for piping and structural
  • Weight and COG calculation report for lifting and transportation
  • Lifting detailed arrangement drawings, lifting calculations, monorail calculations (drawing)
  • Structural frame calculations including anchor/foundation loads
  • Piping stress analysis and structural stress analysis reports
  • Fatigue analysis, surge analysis, transportation analysis, transit analysis, blast analysis, etc.